A Esta Hora Salen Duendes: Myth Or Reality?


Have you ever heard the phrase “A esta hora salen duendes”? This Spanish phrase means “At this time, elves come out.” Many people in Latin America believe in the existence of elves, and the phrase is usually used to warn someone to be careful or not to stay out too late. In this article, we will explore the origins of this phrase and whether there is any truth to it.

The Origins of “A esta hora salen duendes”

The origins of this phrase are unclear, but it is believed to have originated in Spain. The Spanish folklore is rich with stories of elves or “duendes.” These creatures are usually depicted as small, mischievous beings that live in forests or other natural areas. They are said to have magical powers and can either help or harm humans depending on their mood.

As Spanish explorers traveled to Latin America, they brought their folklore with them, including stories of duendes. Over time, the stories evolved to include different types of elves with various powers and personalities. Today, the phrase “A esta hora salen duendes” is commonly used in many Latin American countries.

The Belief in Elves

Belief in elves or other supernatural creatures is not uncommon in Latin America. Many people believe that these creatures exist and can either bring good luck or bad luck. Some even believe that they can communicate with them or ask for their help in times of need.

In some cultures, elves are also associated with nature and are believed to protect it. For example, in Ecuador, there is a tradition of leaving offerings for the “duendes” who live in the forest. These offerings are meant to appease the elves and ensure that they continue to protect the forest.

The Reality of “A esta hora salen duendes”

While many people believe in the existence of elves, there is no scientific evidence to support their existence. It is unlikely that these creatures come out at a specific time of day or night, and there is no evidence that they can harm humans. Instead, the phrase “A esta hora salen duendes” is most likely a warning to be careful, especially if you are out late at night.

There are some dangers that come with being out at night, such as increased crime and accidents. Therefore, it is always a good idea to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings, whether you believe in elves or not.

The Importance of Folklore

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, folklore and legends play an important role in many cultures. They are a way of passing on traditions and beliefs from one generation to the next. They also provide entertainment and can help to explain natural phenomena that may be difficult to understand.

While it is important to be skeptical and question things that cannot be proven, it is also important to respect the beliefs of others. Whether you believe in elves or not, the phrase “A esta hora salen duendes” is a part of Latin American culture and should be appreciated as such.


The phrase “A esta hora salen duendes” may seem like a silly superstition to some, but it is a part of Latin American folklore and culture. While there is no evidence to support the existence of elves, it is important to respect the beliefs of others and appreciate the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. So next time you hear someone say “A esta hora salen duendes,” remember that it is more than just a warning, it is a part of a rich cultural heritage.